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         In order to further implement the sustainable development strategy of China and promote the treatment and resource utilization of organic solid waste, entrusted by the International Bioprocessing Association (IBA) and Shaanxi Federal Association for Science and Technology in Universities, funded by K.C. Wong Education Foundation, Northwest A&F University, China Agricultural University and Institute of Agricultural Resources, Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAA) and Management Committe of Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone will host the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Treatment and Management (2nd SWTM) in Yangling, Shaanxi Province from July 15 to 18, 2021. The international conference focuses on cutting-edge biotechnology for solid waste treatment and resource utilization, inviting scientists, engineers and other experts from all over the world who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of Organic waste to fuels and chemicals/biochemicals, Biological treatment and resource recovery of mining solid waste, Aerobic composting of solid waste and pollution control, Organic waste to biochar and its application, Recycling treatment of municipal solid waste and Nano-technology and its applications in solid waste treatment. The conference will provide an unique platform for participants from all walks of life and academic institutions to share their research and views. 

Important date

Conference Holding:         15-July-2021 to 18-July-2021

Preferential Registration:  1-March-2021 to 30-June-2021

Standard Registration:      30-June-2021 to 15-July-2021

Abstract Submission:        1-April-2021 to 30-June-2021

Call for Paper

Major Themes of 2nd SWTM-2021:
1. Organic waste to fuels and chemicals/biochemicals
2. Biological treatment and resource recovery of mining solid waste
3. Aerobic composting of solid waste and pollution control
4. Organic waste to biochar and its application
5. Recycling treatment of municipal solid waste
6. Nano-technology and its applications in solid waste treatment

7. Environmental remediation of solid waste 
8. Ecotoxicology and risk assessment

The deadline for submiting abstract is June 30, 2021.

Special Issues

  •  1. Bioresource Technology (BITE- IF=7.539 JCR: Q1)

 2. Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN- IF=6.551 JCR: Q1 )

 3. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPER- IF=3.056 JCR: Q2)

 4. Applied Science-Basel ( JCR: Q3)

 5. Bioengineered ( IF=2.205 JCR: Q4)

 6. Journal of Agro-environment Science, Chinese Core Journal (

 7. Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Chinese Core Journal (



Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China





Dr. Mukesh Kumar Awasthi Tel: +86- 18392197328

Dr. Quan Wang Tel: +86- 15891723940

Conference E-mail:;
Northwest A&F University
Yangling, 712100, Shaanxi, PR China



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