The works presented in the conference as invited/oral talks and posters will be published in the Special Issues of following journals (standard peer-review process of the journals will be followed).

 1. Bioresource Technology (BITE- IF=9.642 JCR: Q1)

 2. Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN- IF=7.963 JCR: Q1)

 3. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPER- IF=4.223 JCR: Q2)

 4. Bioengineered ( JCR: Q2)

 5. Applied Science-Basel ( IF=2.679  JCR: Q3)

 6. Journal of Agro-environment Science, Chinese Core Journal (

 7. Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Chinese Core Journal (

Each registered delegate can submit one manuscript n pre-selected journal. Choice of journal must be indicated in abstract submission/registration form. For BITE, STOTEN, ESPER and BIE. Authors must mention registration number provided by the conference organizers in the covering letter and also must state that work was presented in the conference. 

Please note:

· Author’s guideline and scope must be followed for the selected journal. Failure to do so may result desk rejection of manuscript.

· Submissions for all the journals should be informed during July 15-30, 2021.

· No extension for submission would be considered.






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Dr. Quan Wang Tel: +86- 15891723940

Conference E-mail:;
Northwest A&F University
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